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What the Flock!?

Short film
15 minutes
Dir. J.Large

Starring Robin Happ


Alice Pollack

Brooke Myers

Kirsten Mercier

J.D. Gravatte

Joe Reece

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 6.36.35 PM.png

Please Believe Me


Short film

Runtime: 12 minutes


Dir. J.Large

Dir. of Photography: J.Large

Starring Joe Reece

Convinced aliens are on their way to Earth, one man will stop at (almost) nothing to help capture the signals of invasion and warn others.

Here's to Wishing I had my Cats at the Rapture

A week shy of the end of the world, Luke Walsh finds himself underground with his once-best friend, Billy Dyer. As the days pass, the two begin to question their friendship, their purpose, and even their sanity.

Motion Picture
85 minutes
Dir. J.Large

Dir. of Photography: Joseph Drobezko II
Starring: Joseph Reece
Geoffery Pottorff
Emmy Panzica


A Smile in Every Slice

Short Film
9 minutes


Dir. J.Large

Dir. of Photography: J.Large

Short film

Starring Geoffery Pottorff
LeVance Rucker

Jim Patten

A SMILE IN EVERY SLICE tells a short story about a long night, following Gordon, a pizza delivery boy, as he makes his final delivery of the evening.

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 1.12.54 PM.png


USED BOOKS follows four twenty-somethings as they try to flip their way through the pages of life.


Webshow episode
30 minutes
Dir. J.Large

Dir. of Photography: Joseph Tuzzolino
Starring Justin Barron
Deanna Barron
Ben Wendt
Danny Lindsay
Emmy Panzica

Trust Me

Motion Picture

Runtime: 65 minutes


Dir. J.Large

Starring Tyler Hammond

Miranda Powers

Grace Griffin-Spain

CJ Newton

David LeVota

Marcy Whipkins

LeVance Rucker

Coping with the death of his younger brother, Kyle has visions of figures drawing him toward a life of peace; at a price.

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